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The Bodyworker



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Bodyworker & Consultations

Work grinding you down? Has a car accident left you in constant pain? Suffering from chronic everyday pain? Let The Bodyworker get you back on track.  Here at the Bodyworker we provide state-of-the-art computer software to communicate the source of many symptoms of chronic pain. Inquire about participating in a proven 3 session asssessment protocol that has been changing people's lives. Patient wellness is our uncompromising focus.

$10 off your first session!!

Are you an athlete looking to maximize your performance level? Sore from all the training? The Bodyworker can help! Sports massage helps athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after big events and maintain health during training. Sports massage emphasizes quicker recovery time. But are you having regular muscular pain? Does your pain prevented you from training?  Knee issues? You may need a consultation with our Bodyworker.

$10 off your first session!

Massage Therapy

Stressed? Overextended? Come decompress at our tranquil NE neighborhood location. Feel your muscles release and your stress melt away as we work with you to pinpoint problem areas that require focused work and attention. Let the world slip away during your session and leave feeling revitalized and refreshed with your choice of music and complementary Aromatherapy.

$10 off your first session!

The Bodyworker

      Our society today is slowly acclimating itself with ancient but proven fundamental preventative healthcare measures. My mission here at The Bodyworker is simple: encourage those looking to reconnect with their bodies by providing professional alternative healthcare. Here we provide relief to those suffering from structural and muscular imbalance by applying premium bodywork care to return the body back to homeostasis.  Sports Performance, Injury, Relief work, Triggar Point and Structural Techniques are the key component to your relief.

      The Bodyworker was opened to separate itself from the over saturated spa-like environments. There are no fancy slippers, no singing whales or Enya.   Mini waterfalls make clients think to use the bathroom, and no  harmonious sounds of two sea gulls negotiating over the remains of a fish'n'chip order either.  Here at The Bodyworker you will experience the effect of highly trained Therapist's whose goal centralizes around the comprehension of Anatomy, and the Kinesthetics behind pain and/or injury you are suffering from. Are you an athlete looking to maximize your performance level? Sore from all the training? Tweaked your neck at work? Had a car accident?We take your insurance. Try The Bodyworker our name say's it all and we network with the best.      
       Here at the body worker our therapist believe as a health professional, it is essential to do more than just treat muscular stress and injuries. By taking advantage of comprehensive Bodywork programs such as Home Treatment Classes, our clients learn how to incorporate self-care into their daily lives and ultimately enhance overall wellness. Life is the process of how we react to the curveballs such as car accidents, slips and falls, and bungee jumping. The Bodyworker is in the business of giving you a fighting chance against the harshness of the physical world by helping prevent it ever from magnifying.  I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about what is offered here at the Nord'east location and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Peter Erik Pawlowski LMT - Owner of The Bodyworker

The Owner and Head Bodyworker

Service provider: Bodyworker Assessment, Massage Therapy, Home Treatment Instructor

Services: Bodywork Assessment, Massage Therapy, Home Treatment Instructor

      Peter Pawlowski has been practicing Bodywork for 4 years. He received his education from one of the top programs in the nation, The Denver School of Massage Therapy. He began his career in Aspen, Colorado working with extreme sport enthusiasts while also working as a whitewater raft guide and training for the US National White Water Competition in Gore Canyon, CO.

      In his earlier years Peter played professional soccer for the Mirimar Rangers in Wellington, New Zealand. Helping the team win the National title. This athletic background gives him a unique motivation and connection between therapist and client whether athlete or working individual. Dedication to team has evolved into dedication to his clients and community.  His own personal experience and understanding of pain, tolerance of pain, personal steps in preventative health care,  and knowledge of anatomy, all combined with a natural gift of highly dependable intuition gives anyone interested in Bodyworks the "my therapist understands me" experience.    

      Today there is a movement by Bodyworkers to separate themselves from massage therapists/masseurs.  Peter is thoroughly changing the way people view muscular preventative healthcare. There is a substantial difference in the application of proper specific education and the commitment to upholding the laws of muscle behaviors.  These are important distinctions to make when looking for a Therapist, and every client must ask what service are they truly looking for. Have you been receiving the right therapy and techniques you need? Peter's goal is to be recognized as a top Structural Bodyworker and wellness provider. He has quickly and quietly been doing so since opening his very own practice in Northeast Minneapolis in 2010 

The Bodyworker Staff

The Bodyworker Staff

Services: Massage Therapy, Shiatsu

Brianna Laferriere received her education right here in Minnesota. She completed the 2 year integrated program in 2010 at Center Point School of Massage and Shiatsu . Brianna has high goals of practicing a variety of preventative health care modalities to one day provide her clients a balanced scope of muscle therapy knowledge.  This goal goes handedly with her “nurturer” personality. But don't let the nice photo decieve you; as her skill in deep tissue is her calling card.  Her interest to learn how to identify chronic pain and move her clients into the appropriate preventative health care led her to The Bodyworker where she is currently learning aspects of The Bodyworker. Brianna is our resident Shiatsu therapist alongside her Massage Therapy.   

Bodywork Assessment & Consultation

The Bodyworker is in it’s infancy of becoming a institute for teaching Muscle Behavior assessments and Chronic pain managment. All of our Bodyworkers exibit exceptional Structural Integration muscle therapy technique. A Bodyworker’s mission is to classify systemic imbalance through muscle behavior patterns.  This is an original concept and is done by testing four pillars of stress which provides out bodyworkers with a wellness score unique to our office. These scores provide clarity in how best to provide direction in chronic pain reversal. The primery responsibility of a  Bodywoker is to become a patient advocate and be a non biased facilitator to specialised Western and Eastern practitioners.

 Discloser:Any consultation or service provided does not constitute the practice of medicine, chiropractics, or other "licensed" health service; as is any advice to be considered a non doctor/patient relationship. The use of any consultation is to be used at your own risk, and, is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  We offer no guarantee's, and our assessments should not replace a medical examiner. Our goal as a Bodyworker is centralized around the belief that chronic pain has a source and conventional medicine as well as Eastern medicine  miss intricate steps in assessing many aspects of chronic pain.

Massage Therapist Vs. Bodyworker


What is the difference between Massage Therapist and Bodyworker here at The Bodyworker? 

Answer:Technically and legally the title implies the two are synonymous.  Today a massage therapist has other alias names such as, Masseur, Masseuse, Bodyworker, Muscle Therapist and then the various different platforms or specialties he or she is skilled in. It is confusing to say the least what is the appropriate title. However, all things considered Massage Therapy is a preventative alternative option for a variety of health care issues by using hands or feet to move tension out of the muscle tissue.

      The goal here at The Bodyworker  is to remove “ Bodyworker ” from this jumble of confusion and create a new discipline within the health care industry. A "bodyworker" working at The Bodyworker.. is working towards becoming a non-medical diagnostic practitioner who encompasses a 3 dimensional testing protocol. Their job is to detect if you are suffering from Acute tension or Chronic tension. If Chronic tension is suspected based off certain specific signs, your Bodyworker will assess whether the source stems from 3 likely impalances. Skeletal Imbalance, Nutritional Stress, or Emotional Stress. Through the use of a unique and state-of-the-art computer software our Bodyworkers are able to communicate and most importantly give you the time to explain their findings. Any referral from our office has been tested, and proven to be a qualified Medical practitioner who specialize in eliminating the detected imbalance.  


What kind of technique does a bodyworker use?

Answer: Technique is a commonly used word to communicate separation between one style versus another.  Our Bodyworker’s here use a blend of Structural Integration techniques (which would be a loose translation of the Rolfing method).Trigger Point, sports massage, and traditional swedish techniques.


What does an assessment entail and why should I value a bodyworker's final assessment?

Answer: Since chronic pain is taught to be a contraindication in all massage schools, people suffering from said chronic condition are unfortunately left high and dry to deal with their condition. If you are reading this, it is a good chance that you, like most individuals, have tried everything from the highest level Doctors to Physical Therapy, to Chiropractors to energy healers, all with results that either worsen the symptoms or find their condition return months after finishing therapy. Since our belief here is that most chronic pain is a symptom of an imbalance in one or all of our pillars of stress. Peter decided to create an assessment that checks specific fundamental conditions that every human opperates under. The result of this assessment consists of a Muscle behavior score, a skeletal check, a subjective emotional score, a BMI score and a Range of Motion score. Combining these numbers provides a bodyworker with a general but accurate assessement of what element likely is the source of a clients chronic condition. 


Our clients testimonies, and over 4 years of research have proven that our concept is having life changing effects, regardless of age or prior conditions. There is no magic number of sessions before your Bodyworker provides a comprehensive assessment of your case. However traditionally it takes most people 3 sessions to understand the nature of their condition. If a client participates in a referral, your bodyworker maintains observations or your changes as you solidify your foundations to entering a place where preventative healthcar can be effective and provides additional recommendations as you go through specific therapy providing one on one counseling,massage, observations, and recording of your change’s during each visit.  





The Bodyworker

Our Location Gallery

Our Location Gallery

Home Treatment Classes

      You maybe have seen people at the gym working out with a foam roller.  You even maybe have heard of classes offered that integrate the use of a tennis ball to diffuse the tension you constantly have in your body.  Here at The Bodyworker I have formulated an intense class bringing specific Trigger Point concepts off the massage table into a workshop environment. With the use of  a specific ball and nothing more then walls, floor and body weight you will be taught wondrous techniques to incorporate into your daily life. 

Massage therapy can be pretty time consuming and financially demanding. Especially if you are battling a chronic pain or just suffering from a temporary injury that needs immediate attention.  

      Some aches need more attention then just one session. And it's likely our staff can't be there always when you need us the most. But we believe that after learning our Home Treatment Methods  you will be able to fight off those achy day's.

     Our 90 min classes will teach you techniques for battling shoulder pain, hip tightness, leg pain, neck pain in even those hard to reach areas in the comfort of your own home.  


* Classes are donation based(suggested $15)

* Class sizes are 5 clients per class


Sign up Today for a Beginner class July 6th! 

Video to come soon. 



Inside - Out Program

It happens to the best of us. Life throws us some curveballs and before we know it our health takes a dive. Health is a broad and all in-compassing term, however, you probably are reading this because you want health change, you've tried to change...You even joined a Health Club, but still no change.  One of the hardest conflicts and fine lines to tread for any medical practitioner, has to be the hard cold fact that not all clients are created equal and applicable therapy is relative to a clients condition.  But the hardest cases need only the simplest adjustments at times. One of the last and most powerful freedoms we have in this world is the choice of what we put in our mouths.  Recognizing your food envirnonment can be and must be the first step in eliminating unwanted pain. The Bodyworker has developed the Inside-Out program primerly for the ability to check to see if your body is currently processing nutrition properly. This can be a very important factor to recognize if chronic pain is looking to be eliminated. Also, this program is for any person looking to witness the effects food can have on your pain or stagnant disposition. Today we are exposed to hundreds of Diets, Ultra-slimfasts, supplements, Jenny Craig programs, the list goes on and on.   This is a 4-8 week program where you make a short term commitment to your therapist in order to  make long term investment in your health.

The simple guidelines are as follows.

1) Show up to your 4 scheduled massages and go over changes observed

2) Follow the thoroughly detailed Soup Program 100% 

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule appointments online in real-time, 24/7, by clicking any of the "BookNow" button's on the page or even on Facebook. We will contact you promptly to confirm your scheduled appointment date and time as well as answer any questions you may have. All bookings will require a Credit Card which will NOT be charged. Credit Cards are used to hold appointment and to prevent No-Shows. Feel free to make an appointment over the phone if more convienient. Thank You

Massage Pricing

1/2 Hour Session $35
60 Minute Session $70
90 Minute Session $95
120 Minute Session $140
Inside-Out Program $270
5 pack Massage or Shiatsue $300
60 Minute Shiatsu $70

Bodywork & Consultation Pricing

3 Session Bodywork Assessment $240
Single Session & Bodywork Consultation $80

All prices include sales tax. Cash, local check and credit cards gladly accepted.

Home Treatment Classes

Home Treatment Class Free (suggested donation $15)

Contact The Bodyworker

Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you!

Cancelation Policy

An acceptable cancelation is a minimum notice of 12hr; which can be communicated by phone, email, or done on our online calendar yourself. However, conflicts do arise in the most un-oppurtue moments. The Bodyworker has a 3 strike rule for any communicated cancelations under the 12hr period. After 3 strikes any regular client will be charged in full. There is a $17.00 penalty for any groupon client that fails to meet our cancelation requirments but still holds the value of the groupon and may reschedule for a future appointment. There will be a  50% fee charged to credit cards for all regular clients that "no call/no show". The Bodyworker will do it's best to provide accurate availability on the online calendar for clients looking to book farther out.  Weekdays hours will be a constant, but weekends are irregular and prone to change. The Bodyworker will provide at least 2 weeks notice to all scheduled clients on any weekend calendar change (if not an emergency).

Hours (By Appointment)

Monday - Friday: Check online calendar for availability 
Saturday - Sunday: Call for Avilability


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