Our Cancelation Policy

Cancelation Minimum.

We understand that life happens. The unexpected arises and appointments need to be canceled. Such unexpected moments happen for our therapists too. This is how we try to protect everyone. 

A fair cancelation is a confirmed call, email, or text a minimum of 2 hrs before your start time. Any lack of communication within these parameters will result in a 50% cancelation charge. 

Any time a staff needs to cancel we will communicate with the same expectations and refund of equal charge.

A late cancelation


A legit cancelation is to be communicated 24 hrs before your start time. Any cancelation after and within our minimum will not receive a charge but is considered late. A strike is given for any late cancelations and each client is credited 3 strikes, which we add to your file. We exercise this policy to prevent volatility and ensure a comfortably dependable work week.

After 3 late cancelations, a client will be charged 50% for every future late cancelation. 

We in return will provide the equal amount of notice for cancelations that arise on our end. 

Cancelation History & Waitlist

We don't experience many cancelations because of our policy and a waitlist is therefor something we do not offer at this time.