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"How can anyone describe the whole until he has learned the total of the parts".

The Elephant and the Blind Men



This ancient parable is an analogy I use, to explain our current healthcare system. On the issue of Chronic Pain, The blind men are our medical providers today who toil day and night with strong beliefs, highly developed specialized skills who have sacrificed much to get there. But, who also have not learned the total of the parts before diagnosis.

It is my belief that our medical system refine how we prescribe basic physical exams. And this requires a new position. A Bodyworker who acts as a first line caregiver with a clear understanding of the whole picture to recommend the correct specialist for the condition.  

Elephant and the Blind Men

The Elephant & blind sages by Blanca Marti for Equilibre





Comparing conventional Medical approaches to this Parable proves itself useful when advocating for a service like Bodywork. This hybrid of scientific and holistic practice doesn't require more knowledge than already available. Yet expands the lens of observation to include more moving parts to this "White Elephant" of an issue.


In the end, our current Medicine does offer levels of truths, but when looking at chronic pain as a whole. We see a specialized approach doesn't offer complete truths for our community that has a ever changing means of handling stress.  

Conventional Medicine

Conventional Medicine by Peter Pawlowski LMT

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